Our History

Starting with Johnnie Joyner Sr. in 1968 Joyner’s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Inc. was formed. For the next 17 years Joyner’s service had many satisfied customers in the Tidewater area. In 1985 Johnnie decided to retire and closed the company. After working with his father for many years in 1985 Johnnie Joyner Jr. opened Joyner’s Heating & Air Inc. continuing to provide quality service to customers. Joyner’s grew to be one of the tidewaters major service providers and in 1995 expanded its coverage to Richmond.

In 2004 Johnnie Joyner Jr. was diagnosed with cancer. In 2006 the company was sold to Service Logic. Johnnie passed away in August 2007 still employed by the company he started so many years ago. After continuing to work for his father’s company for the next 5 years Steven Joyner decided to bring the Joyner name back to Tidewater. February 28, 2013 Joyner’s Heating & Cooling Inc. was formed and officially opened its doors on April 1, 2013.

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Owner: Steven Joyner
Phone: (757) 321-3839
Fax: (757) 321-3940
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About Steven Joyner

In 1989 I started working during the summers for my father’s company Joyner’s Heating & Air Inc. as an install helper. As an install helper, I learned how to size, design, and install HVAC duct systems. After a couple years as install helper, I moved to sheet metal helper. I learned to layout and fabricate ductwork for Joyner’s install crews. In 1993 I spent my summers as a service helper. During this time learned how to maintain, repair, and replace HVAC mechanical equipment.

In 1995 I graduated from Kempsville High School and got a big hug from my father and he said “ Be at work 7:30 Monday morning. I have a job for you to do”. In 1997 I was made the install mechanic and spent the next several years over seeing install jobs and crews.

In 2000 I was made sheet metal mechanic. During this time I made all the duct work for both our Richmond and Tidewater locations. After a few years as sheet metal mechanic, I moved into the service department as a Service Mechanic.I spent the next several years working on systems ranging in sizes from small home units to large commercial building units.

In 2009 I accepted the position of Customer Service Rep. In this position I was responsible for providing customers with quotes and meeting with customers to maintain their satisfaction. In 2010 I was offered the position of service manager for the tidewater location. As a service manager, I had 1 dispatcher and 12 service techs working with me to provide service to the Tidewater area.

In late 2011 Joyner’s was looking for a salesman. With the last name Joyner who better than me to represent the company. So I moved into sales. With the change from Joyner’s to Piedmont on November 2011, I continued to represent the company as a salesman. After little over a year, I was no longer happy doing what I was doing. In 2013 I decided to open my own company.

What Our Logo Represents

Joyner’s eye logo represents Steven’s vision to provide quality service to all of our valued customers. The red curve creating the top of the eye symbolizes heating and the lower blue curve illustrates a cool color reflecting air conditioning.

Steven’s Certifications & Licenses

  • Virginia Beach HVAC Vocational diploma
  • Auto-Martix controls
  • Backflow Prevention device testers license
  • HVAC BOCA Codes class completion certification
  • HVAC controls class completion certification
  • York Millennium certified
  • Universal CFC refrigerant Certification
  • Automotive CFC refrigerant Certification
  • Comprehensive Training for Energy management
  • Contractor Pre-license education course certification
  • HVAC Master License in Virginia
  • Master Gas fitters License in Virginia
  • Class A contractors
Joyner's heating and cooling inc.