HVAC Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacements

HVAC Maintenance in Virginia Beach

Proper HVAC maintenance helps maintain efficiency and life expectancy, despite the system’s consistent starting and on-demand operation. Routine maintenance also helps reduce breakdowns while preventing costly repairs. Schedule spring and fall service to keep your system running year-round. Joyner’s Heating & Cooling provides customizable maintenance plans to fit your system’s needs. 

Maintenance You Can Do

Filter Maintenance

Change Your Filter

Filters are a crucial component in your system. The filter helps keep your indoor coil clean by trapping dust, dander, lint, and other particles. The best practice is to check your filter monthly, if its clean leave it for another 30 days, if it is discolored or has physical dirt build up replace it. For most systems a MERV8 - 10 filter is sufficent.

Outdoor Maintenance

Keep The Outdoor Unit Clear

Keep the area surrounding your outdoor unit clean and free of debris. A good rule of thumb is to not let any plants, or bushes grow within a 2-foot radius of your unit. If plants, bushes, or weeds grow too close to your unit, it could interfere with its functionality, leading to lost efficiency and damage.

Coil Maintenance

Keep The Outdoor Coil Clean

Keeping the coil clean of dirt and debris helps airflow across the unit. Grass clippings or lint from a drier exhaust can collect on the coil. Use a water hose on a low pressure setting to clear coil of debris. Be sure not to bend or damage the coil by using high pressure setting. For a deeper clean call Joyner's to schedule.

How Often Should Maintenance Be Done

Twice a Year

Having your HVAC system serviced twice a year helps avoid system breakdowns, extends life expectancy, and maintains efficiency.

When To Schedule Maintenance

Spring and Fall

Experts advise maintaining and optimizing your air conditioning system in spring and heating system in fall to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. 

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