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Every homeowner and business owner knows how frustrating it can be to have your HVAC system suddenly breakdown, leaving you in a potentially uncomfortable and stressful situation. With our team experienced in servicing and repairing all makes and models of HVAC equipment, we are sure to have the expertise and resources necessary to get your system up and running in no time.

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Why Choose Joyner's Heating & Cooling Inc.

Joyner’s Heating & Cooling offers reliable HVAC service and repair for all makes and models. Our skilled technicians arrive equipped with commonly used parts, and we have access to all major supply houses to ensure we have everything required to repair your HVAC system. Trust Joyner’s with both your residential and commercial AC repairs.

Recognizing When Your AC Needs Repair

Its obvious when your AC suddenly stops working. But did you know there are signs yours system is breaking down? The following symptoms are some signs your AC needs repair. 

  • Not maintaining temperature on thermostat 
  • Electricity bill increase suddenly, decreasing indoor comfort
  • Burning smell coming from the vents
  • Strange noise coming from system
  • Water stain appearing on ceiling under indoor unit
  • Water dripping from vents
  • Warm or no air blowing from vent
  • Copper lines connecting indoor and outdoor unit freezing


If you are experiencing any of these issues we recommend you call today to schedule service. 

Locally Owned Heating Repair Specialist

Heating Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

When your HVAC system is not heating and the temps outside are getting cold, Joyner’s can help repair your heat quickly. Our technicians are trained on all makes and models of heating system. In most cases these breakdowns can be prevented with our Maintenance Services.

Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

It pays to keep a eye on your system to recognize impending issues that could cause a major breakdown. Knowing these signs you can sometimes save a significant amount on the cost of your repair. the following issues are potential signs that could lead to serious problems:

  • System running nonstop
  • System only gets one to two degrees within set point
  • Carbon monoxide detector alarming
  • Burning smell from vents
  • Noise coming from unit
  • Unusually high electric or gas bills


If you are experiencing any of these issues we recommend you call today to schedule service. 

HVAC Brands

We service these brands and many more.